Wedding Photographer turned Wedding Planner?

I love my job. I’m truly blessed and even on the hard days I try and remember that. I’m no wedding planner however, and there’s a good reason I’m a wedding photographer instead.

I’m NOT artistic. At all. You might ask, but you’re a photographer, how can you not be artistic? Well, you’re right, that sounds weird… but hand me a blank canvas and you’ll get stick figures and sloppy writing. I can’t paint, draw, I can’t even do bubble letters… I see things that exist, and put them together to form a pretty picture. So, now, I have a blank canvas, and I have to somehow create my vision in my head for real. Oy

I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. “Anything anywhere except where I go for “work” all the time.” Well, that get’s rid of just about any venue in the area. Naturally, the next best thing is a blank, can be put anywhere, white tent. I really… REALLY wanted a tented wedding. One issue though. I had no where to put a tent! I sat down with a planner friend and called literally just about every venue from the Eastern Shore to NC. NO WHERE had our date available.

I’ve learned a lot about what it is to be a bride, what my clients go through, and what they expect in this process. Now, it’s my turn to look at this blank canvas and figure it all out. Colors, Themes, Foods, a million decisions to be made.

And it’s only the beginning.


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