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Confession #3 – Time Management

I don’t think I’ll ever tackle this one fully. In fact, I’m very admitingly bad at time management. I’m ADHD, get distracted, and next thing I know it’s 2010 😉

So, let’s see what I’ve got to tackle.

  1. God. Have to give him the priority, or nothing else matters.
  2. Business. Yes, as much as I wish I could be a stay at home future wife, that’s not the reality. I still have to be there for my clients, do my work, marketing, accounting, etc… I’m only one person and even just this one alone is enough to make a person crazy.
  3. 1st time home buyer. This is the one eating the most of my time right now. Running papers and signatures all over the city, researching the prices on things we need, picking floors, wall colors, appliances, choosing home insurance, whew! It’s a lot to take in.
  4. Wedding Planning. Like I mentioned in confession #2, I do still need a caterer… as well as countless other things that have to be done! Luckily, a lot of big things are done, but we have so much more to do!
  5. Fiance . Yes, I still have to have time to maintain some kind of normalcy with my fiance.
  6. Friends.  Tuesday night dinners are a standing tradition
  7. Kodi, my awesome Standard Poodle. He doesn’t take a lot of time as he’s so laid back, but I always have to consider him. I can’t go out for 12 hrs on a saturday shopping for floors if he’s home alone without basic needs.

So, there’s more, of course… I feel like I juggle a lot, but one day you’ll take our first time homebuyer and insert something else. I have a feeling that it really will never end, which is why this is my confession #3. Gotta learn it now – Time Management.


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Welcome to “Confessions of a W.I.T.”

Hi, and welcome to my new personal blog.  I’ve been blogging a while, but mainly only “work” related things. I wear many hats these days though, so I figured I would start a personal blog too.

My goals for “Confessions of a W.I.T.”

Details of wedding planning, Home Renovations and purchasing. Well, purchasing and then renovations. Life in general, business chaos, and doing all of this while maintaining a somewhat normal life, I hope.

Welcome, again. I hope you enjoy.


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